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Joyfully telling love stories across Georgia, the Carolinas, and beyond.

After years of waiting, searching, and hoping, you’ve finally found the one your soul loves. Now, it’s time to celebrate your dream love story with your dream wedding day! While wedding planning is full of to-do lists, my goal as your photographer is to lift a bit of the weight off your shoulders. With a booking process that eliminates decision fatigue, an experience that builds confidence, and a gallery delivery that will take your breath away, I can’t wait to bring you the wedding photography of your dreams, too. So, kick off your Jimmy Choos, refill your sweet tea, and let’s talk wedding photography.

Destination wedding  photographer 
TRANSFORMING euphoric celebrations, tender moments, and DELICATE details into heirlooms that will last a lifetime.

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Describing myself as an introverted extrovert might sound paradoxical, but it perfectly encapsulates who I am. This unique blend of being energized by people yet appreciating moments of solitude allows me to connect deeply with couples on their wedding day, capturing their stories with empathy and depth. As an Enneagram 7, my passion for life is boundless, driven by a deep-seated desire for adventure and fun. This zest for life translates directly into my work, where I seek to infuse joy and spontaneity into every image I capture.

Since 2017, I’ve devoted myself not only to mastering luxury photography but to fine-tuning a luxury client experience. Built on a foundation of openness, trust, and good old-fashioned fun, let’s tell your love story through a romantic experience you’ll never forget.



Shelby & Scott

I can't recommend Perry highly enough! She photographed my wedding in October of 2023 and I still get butterflies looking back at the photos. I am so lucky that I had Perry in my corner because even though the whole day felt like a beautiful blissful blur, Perry the mastermind was hard at work behind the scenes capturing moments, movement, smiles, loved ones, laughter, landscape, and lighting. This was so important to me because when I look back on special times, and it’s not one singular event or moment that made it, it was the entire atmosphere and the accumulation of all the little moments of the day. Perry is very in touch with how to capture it all!

She is the ideal girl's girl, hype-woman for your wedding day. You can tell she is so excited to creatively and authentically capture the day for you and your partner. You can trust her to get swept up in the whirlwind with you in such a way that is organic, professional, and fun. Even in the planning process I found myself texting Perry about not only the little details I was working on, but also the big decisions as far as colors, what to wear, etc. Perry never made me feel that way! She was right there with me giving feedback or just being a listening ear. It really felt like I was working with a trusted friend who I could be totally honest and candid with, who also happened to be a SMASHING photographer.


Catherine & Grayson

Perry was an absolute dream come true on my wedding day! Her expertise, attention to detail, and support meant I could relax and truly enjoy every moment. The photos are magical - Best investment I have ever (ever) made!"


Aubrey & jake

Perry turned my wedding into a fairytale. The photos turned out stunning, my heart overflows with gratitude. Best investment, hands down! If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing, and that says everything really!"


Katie & Josh

Thank you Perry! You captured the essence of our wedding day like nobody else. The photos are more than just images; they're reliving every beautiful moment. I'm obsessed - and so is my whole family! I can't thank you enough!"



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